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Climax Courses Vol. 1 – Anal

So you’ve decided to try anal sex.

You’ve already communicated your desire to your partner or maybe you don’t have one and want to know some of the basics. This quick guide will walk you through some things you should definitely know before burying in that booty.


1. Booty Hygiene

First things first, poop comes out of your butt so no matter how much you clean, you may still see some poop particles (or more) during anal sex. This is nothing to be embarrassed about, it comes with the territory. However, If this isn’t something you can live with then anal isn’t for you (and that’s ok).

Before anal, make sure your bowels are empty at least a half-hour before play and that you’ve washed your bum with soap and water. For a deeper clean you may want to do an enema (try the B-Vibe Classic Enema Bulb Set) an hour or so before play, but make sure you don’t use too much water or use water that is too hot or too cold. Those will lead to problems you don’t want during playtime.

Tip: Don’t forget to lay down a towel before getting hot and heavy, it’ll protect your sheets if things get a little messy.

2. Start Small

If you’ve never had anything in your butt before, start with fingers and work up to butt plugs. If you’d like, you can do this alone so you can get used to the sensation and move at your own pace.

Tip: Try an anal training kit. Check out the Rianne S Booty Plug Set.

3. Use Lube

Since your anus doesn’t self lubricate, lube is imperative. Without lube, tears in the rectum can happen, which can lead to infection and a very awkward trip to the doctor. Save yourself the trouble and use lube.


WARNING: Stay away from lubes that will make you numb or desensitize that area. Your body sends pain signals to let you know something is wrong. If you use these kinds of products and can’t register those signals you may end up doing much more damage to your body.

Uberlube is great for anal, it’s silicone-based and will generally have more glide than a water-based lube. A little goes a long way, 2-3 pumps and you’re good to go. It’s compatible with condoms and toys that aren’t made of silicone (i.e. glass or surgical steel)

Sassy by Sliquid is a water-based lube with a thicker gel consistency that lasts longer than regular water-based lubes so it will make anal play more comfortable. It’s compatible with condoms and toys. Sliquid is great as all their products are glycerin free and won’t get sticky. But it will dry out and you will need to either add some water to reactivate it or reapply more of it.

4. Relax

This will probably be the most challenging for a lot of people. Your butt isn’t used to things going in it, so it’s natural that the initial reaction of your sphincter will be to clench up. With practice, you can make your body relax and keep your rectum from tensing up.

Tip: Make sure to have an orgasm or 2 before jumping into anal. This will help with getting your body to relax enough for anal play.

5. Warm Up

You can also make things a little easier by wearing a butt plug while having an orgasm. The pressure from the plug will intensify your orgasm and make you even more relaxed for anal. You or your partner should use plugs or fingers to gradually help lube and “open” you up. Once you’re comfortable and super turned on, proceed with penetration.

To the tops: Take your time with your partner, especially if they’re new to anal. Gradually build momentum and check-in with your partner to make sure they’re comfortable and enjoying it. If you think you need more lube, use it. Better to use a little too much lube than not enough. If your partner has a vagina, do not penetrate their vagina immediately after anal penetration. This can lead to cross-contamination and your partner could end up with a bacterial or yeast infection. Use Swipes to quickly clean up and get back to playing with your partner.

Need more info?

Check out Anal Sex Basics for more in-depth information on anal for beginners.