Everyone needs extra space to explore their favorite sex positions. The Liberator Plus-Size Sex Ramp provides the optimal lift for getting you into the sex positions once thought challenging. Adding this high-density foam sex ramp to your playtime can help give you the right amount elevation and support for oral sex, doggy style, missionary, and sixty-nine. The added flexibility and mobility will have amazing effects on opening your body up more and giving your lover greater access. The angled pitch helps support your body and gives you the confidence to try all types of sexual adventures. The soft microfiber cover feels incredible on your naked skin and helps your sex ramp remain stuck together to other Liberator Shapes such as the Sex Wedge, Flip Ramp, Center Stage, and more. You will feel “liberated” and fully engaged in the rhythm of sex as this pillow lets you play an active role in lovemaking. With confidence, you can build on your repertoire to enhance oral skills and show your moving, thrusting, and grinding body. The Liberator Sex Ramp does more than prop you up; it takes you to the finish line with more energy and vitality like never before.

All Liberator sex furniture and sex wedges are designed to work together to create a customizable experience. We recommend adding the Plus-Size Sex Wedge for even more angles and sex positions.

  • Best-selling sex ramp for plus-size lovers
  • Superior lift and full-body support
  • Increased access for prolonged oral sex
  • Reduces pressure on joint and back
  • Elevates body and hips for satisfying stimulation
  • High-density foam core insert
  • Better traction on memory foam mattresses
  • Soft, microfiber cover feels lush against bare skin
  • Removable, machine-washable cover
  • Poly/nylon cover helps resist moisture
  • Designed for lovers over 300 lb

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Black, Blue, Purple, Red


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