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Fun Factory Fun Cup – Explore Kit


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Never ask a stranger for a tampon again! The FUN CUP holds 4-6x as much as a tampon, depending on which size you choose. This kit even comes in two sizes, for lighter days and heavier days. When you’re ready, just empty it, wash it out, put it back in, and go back to not thinking about your period. Save time, money, and mental energy with a cup you can leave in safely all day! The silicone FUN CUP sits in your vagina comfortably and unnoticeably, leaving you free to go about your life. 

  • Comes with FUN CUP SIZE A & SIZE B
  • Holds 4-6x as much as a tampon
  • Comfortable design that fits your body
  • Reusable and easy to clean
  • Save money on tampons and pads
  • Includes an antimicrobial bag
  • 2.29 in, Ø 1.7 in, 1.01 oz (B) and 2.1 in, Ø 1.56 in, 0.68 oz (A)
  • Comes with an antimicrobial bag
  • Great for active people—run, swim & dance
  • Awesome for your sexual health
  • Eco-friendly — cuts down on waste
  • Lightly textured for easy grip
  • Lasts for years with proper care
  • Non-porous and hypoallergenic
  • Designed and handcrafted in Germany
  • Body-safe materials

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Weight 0.40 lbs
Dimensions 212.29 in

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