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Climax Courses Vol. 2 – Squirting

Text Image that reads: Decadent d'Vices Presents Climax Courses A quick start guide to getting off Vol. 2 Squirting

If you have a vulva or are into vulvas you probably have heard about Squirting. So what is it?

Squirting is the ejaculation of fluid that can occur with stimulation of the g-spot, clitoris, or both simultaneously. It comes out of the urethra and can contain urine but let’s be clear, EJACULATE IS NOT URINE. The ejaculate that comes from squirting will look, smell, and taste (if you’re into that) different from urine. Make sure to empty your bladder before play to avoid golden showers.

For most, it can feel like the urge to pee (don’t hold it when you feel it) leading to an intense release. Squirting like orgasms can feel different for different people. Discovering what makes you squirt can take trial and error as well as time and patience. Learning to squirt provides a great opportunity to get in touch with your body and discover new ways to give it pleasure.


In a lot of porn, squirting can look like projectile ejaculation. For a lot of people, squirting can also look like a trickle or gush of fluid so don’t be alarmed if you don’t squirt like your favorite performer. It’s important to note that squirting and orgasming are not mutually exclusive. Some can squirt without an orgasm, some can only squirt with one, and there are plenty who fall somewhere in between. There’s no one size fits all guide to squirting, and if you find you can’t squirt after trying different methods, there’s nothing wrong with you. According to various studies, scientists say only about 10-50% of vulva owners can squirt.

Toys that can help you squirt

For those who know for sure that simultaneous g-spot and clitoral stimulation are their jam, the Womanizer Duo will definitely get your geyser going.

If you’re not as confident in what makes you squirt try something that can switch between the g-spot and clitoris like the G-spot Bullet from Je Joue.

Want to try squirting during sex? If your partner has a penis they can try a vibrating c-ring like the Mio from Je Joue.

For even more internal stimulation try a bullet vibe like the Ami by VeDo.

And if you really want to squirt like the pros a magic wand can help. The Le Wand Corded Massager packs quite the punch to get that waterfall going.

SQUIRT HACK: Wearing a butt plug, especially a vibrating one, during play can help increase the intensity of sensations on the g-spot and clitoris, making it that much easier to find your squirt. Try the Rimming Plug from B-vibe (available in 3 sizes).

Remember: Stay hydrated, pee before play, lay down a towel for easy cleanup,  and when you feel that “gotta go” urge while things are hot and heavy, relax and let it flow.

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